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The hospitality and warmth of our experienced staff and the surroundings designed to make your stay enjoyable will captivate you right from when you arrive.


The suites are refined and spacious, furniture of clean lines, attention to detail, accessories and comforts such as whirlpool baths, to fill you with a sense of pleasure.


The view from the Suites, bar and terrace, where you can enjoy an aperitivo, have lunch, dine or simply relish an artisan ice cream, fill you with a sense of freedom and open spaces.


The wellness SPA, with its treatments, sauna, emotional shower, lounge-beds, whirlpool, rebalancing massages, enveloping music, herbal teas, and perhaps a glass of Prosecco, are here to regenerate you by candlelight.

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Hotel Astor Belluno ****
Piazza dei Martiri, 26/E
32100 Belluno BL
Tel +39 0437 943756
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Check in 16:00 - 22:00
Check out 8:00 - 11:00